"Mum, What's For Dinner?"

Live Performance in 2 parts. 

Part 1: "Mum What's for Dinner?" 

Duration: 10 mins 

Turkey Dinosaurs, plants, happy meal toys, shopping basket, soundtrack, security fence lighting. 

Part 2: "Can we have takeaway tonight?" Duration: 4 mins 

[Giant gummi bears, camo shirt, face paint, i-phone cable, soundtrack, security fence lighting] 


"Mum what's for Dinner" looks at the advertising tactics by meat-based companies towards young audiences. The tongue-in-cheek piece uses a hunter-gatherer character in contemporary Western society, gathering turkey dinosaurs and hunting giant-gummi bears.  

Mum, whats for dinner?

Doggy-Bag Series

White picket fence, 2018

Materials: fence panel, floodlights, plant pots.