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Still a novice to to the world of dance, Kayleigh began doing Burlesque routines with her housemate Kirstin (@Umahurtmanburlesque) as part of a long list of Lockdown hobbies in 2020. Finding it gave her a boost in body confidence and a positive outlet to reclaim her body, Kayleigh started having Pole lessons with private tutor Elke Bucher (@ElkeBucherr) in the Summer of 2021. Leading to photography and modelling collaborations with Kirstin & Elke, exploring movement and body. By January 2022 Kayleigh also started teaching herself the Aerial Hoop using YouTube & Pinterest.

While she still feels as awkward on the dance floor as she is calling herself a dancer, her performance and visual art often stems from explorations of the body and its' movement in space. So it seems only fitting that she finds herself learning the crafts of these aerial arts, with the hope to feed them back into her performance art.

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