Kayleigh Handley

Kayleigh Handley is an artist, performer, maker &

events organiser.

Art Practice:

Through the formation of scenarios and game-like tasks, Kayleigh Handley’s practice seeks to reflect upon the temporal physicalisation of artist into artwork, performer into character and audience into participant. Examining audience interactions of the wider arts sector, including; music, theatre and comedy audiences, Handley aims to test the roles of artist and audience within the gallery situation. She devises performances, drawings and video works activated by the viewer’s interaction, with the intention of momentarily immersing the spectator within the work. Handley seeks to explore parallel lines of interest in social behaviours and the performative aspects of everyday situations by providing platforms which frame the movements and behaviours of others acting within her works. While embracing this more collaborative system of working, Handley is beginning to relinquish her role as choreographer and operate herself under the instruction of others.