Grunge Stain
Grungy Grey Stain
chair side view.png
table front.png
Glass Table

Materials: Glass TV cabinet shelving, 2x4, shoelace.

Made originally as a prop idea for a performance based around bowling alleys and teams, 'Gutterball'. The materials were reclaimed from a former pub cellar. 

Materials: Leatherette, bar stool, padded corner seat, wooden crib, shoelace. 

Bench Seat


1.Cast concrete, red pigment.

2.Cast concrete, beer can. 

Concrete candle holders
Concrete Side-table

Materials: Cast concrete, acrlic paints, snare drum stand.  

concrete stool.png
Futon seat

Materials: Bed frame base, headboard foam, denim scraps. 

camera clock.png
Camera Clock

Materials: Box Brownie Camera,

silent clock mechanism.