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Call It What It Is

Performance to Camera, recorded at Scotia Visuals

Video & Dance Consultant:  Elke Bucher

'Call It What It Is' combines video projections, pole dancing and distorted reflections in a fun house mirror. 

Made as a response to the non-consensual sharing of the nudes. (While more commonly called 'revenge porn' the title refers to calling it by the wider term Image-Based Sexual Abuse). The performance looks at the journey of healing and reoccupying a sexier versions of ourselves after abuse.

Performer, Projection Video, Editing: Kayleigh Handley

Dance Consultant: Elke Bucher

Song: 'No One Is Ever Going To Want Me' Giles Corey

Tech Assistant (Nocturnal Scratch Night): Anna Slices

This video sharing is a work in progress and any feedback is much appreciated, email:

The early stages of this project have been partially funded by the Creative Scots Hardship Fund. 

Live Performance

Nocturnal Arts Scratch Night, Glasgow

Photos: Em Humble

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